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December 2014 - the latest issue.

This issue has figures to the end of November. There were a surprisingly large number of aircraft and engine orders in November which pushed the large commercial jet aircraft backlog to a new high, and which also pushed the number of engines on firm order to a new high. Just over 500 aircraft were ordered during the month, plus 754 engines. While only 70 widebody aircraft were ordered, the number of widebodies now on firm backlog stands at 2,689 which is just 20 aircraft below the all-time record set at the end of July. The number of single-aisle aircraft on firm backlog was just short of 9,800 at the end of the month though the gain of 334 aircraft in November was the third largest monthly gain for single-aisles ever.

In terms of the engine order book, there are now over 21,700 on firm order made up of 16,504 engines for single-aisle aircraft and 5,204 engines for widebody aircraft. The single-aisle figure represents a gain of 1,822 since the start of 2014 and the widebody figure represents a gain of 96 engines.

Usually the November order intake for both aircraft and engines is fairly modest; December is typically one of the best months in the year. However, irrespective of what happens in December, the year will close with record aircraft and engine backlog figures.

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Philip Abbott

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