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February 2014 - the latest issue.

This issue has figures up to the end of January. Aircraft deliveries fell back from
132 in December to 84 in January. This is 10 more deliveries than in January 2013
and it is a new record for the month so, in many ways, it was a good start to the year.
January invariably has the lowest number of deliveries of any month in the year so a
decline in delivery numbers (from the December figure) was not unexpected.
The ordering momentum of the last few months of last year did not continue into
January. There were orders for 64 new large commercial jet aircraft during the month,
far fewer than in January of 2013 and 2012. With a handful of single-aisle cancellations,
the backlog dropped, but only by 28 aircraft.
Things were a little different for the engine manufacturers who saw the firm engine order
book (or backlog) increase by 98 engines, which means there is yet another order book
record. By the end of January there were 20,070 large civil jet engines on firm order and
it was the first time in the history of the industry that the order book had gone over 20,000.
What happened here is that there were orders for 246 engines and 170 new engines were
installed. But one customer with previously ordered aircraft placed a large (120) engine
order, driving up the single-aisle engine order book and the total engine order book as a
result. This is something that we may see quite a lot of in 2014: There are over 1,400 aircraft
on firm order which still need engine selections and the engine manufacturers are hopeful
that a fairly large proportion of those aircraft will have engines by the end of the year.

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Philip Abbott

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