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April 2014 - the latest issue.

For the first time in a First Quarter there were over 300 large commercial jet aircraft deliveries and over 600 large civil jet engine deliveries. This means that in terms of both aircraft and engine deliveries it was a record First Quarter. A record number of single-aisle aircraft were delivered as well as a record number of widebody aircraft. It was an excellent start to a year which is projected to have a record number of deliveries.

The First Quarter order intake was not especially spectacular; more new aircraft were ordered in December last year. But 70% of the single-aisles ordered were Boeing aircraft and, once again, this helped to narrow the gap between Boeing's 737 backlog and the larger Airbus A320 Family backlog. The big surprise about First Quarter orders was that only six Boeing widebodies were ordered, five of them freighters. Airbus took orders for 60 widebodies.

These orders did help to push the large commercial jet backlog up once again to the extent that at the end of the quarter there was a new overall backlog record and a new single-aisle backlog record. The widebody backlog fell slightly but Airbus is catching up with Boeing in this segment. A year ago Boeing had 261 more widebodies on backlog than Airbus. The current figure is just 86 more.

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